WV 5K Championship

Rules and Instructions:

The West Virginia 5K Championship follows the USATF Competition Rules.

Wear your race number on the front of your running shirt or shorts. This number must be clearly visible to race officials.

Timing for the West Virginia 5K Championship is provided by the TriStateRacer.com Timing Group‚ using your race bib and a timing chip. The timing chip will be placed on your bib. Please arrive early enough to anticipate traffic‚ your pre-race needs.

  • Do not forget your Bib Number on race day, without a bib, you will not receive a time!
  • The bib number must be seen from the front and remain uncovered. (Ie, no jackets over bib number) 
  • The bib number MUST NOT BE FOLDED.
  • The timing chip can not be altered in any way, including bending or folding
  • Transferring of bib numbers is prohibited.

FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY‚ NO PETS OR ROLLERBLADING ARE ALLOWED. There are no exceptions! If you run with a baby jogger‚ please line up in the back of the runners’ pack for the safety of you‚ your baby‚ and the other runners.

In 2019, we will be using starting corrals. There will be signs in the starting area with times. These are your goal times. Please line up in your goal time area. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUNG CHILDREN LINE UP AT THE FRONT OF THE RACE. The starting corrals are designed to make sure all participants are lined up according to their ability level and no one gets ran over at the start of the race.